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Letra de Write Off The Debt de UB40

Escrito por JoacoP
Jueves, 22 Marzo 2007


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Write off the debt
Me say write off the debt
Me say write off the debt
And stop the third world a fret

I say the imf put on too much interest
Certain man pon the streets can't even buy a little vest
I said the east and the west them just a build up dem chest
Certain man in the third world can't even digest, a little food
But no bother take them man deh as no fool
Cos' you know say dem teach and go a good school
Me say lord a god a mercy dem learn up all the rules
So no bother patronise dem cos all dem need is the tools
Me say over the millennium me say what a bomb
Me say a whole heap of right
Me say a whole heap of wrong
I say it's time to come together and sing we own song
And make the shooting and all the killing and the fighting
Have fe done
I say the imf wipe off the lump sum
You know say me bredren that would a handsome
So come on fe me posse lets rehearse up this song
And hope say dem man yah don't take too long

Me say write off the debt
Me say write off the debt
And stop the third world a fret

Picture a world with no more hurt and pain
Picuture a world where we are all the same
Maybe not in mind but in spirit
Must do the right thing to ease the pain

Yes me breden that would a wicked!


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