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Letra de The Way We Get By de Spoon

Escrito por Javier
Martes, 13 Marzo 2007


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We get high in back seats of cars
we break into mobile homes
we go to sleep to shake appeal
never wake up on our own

and that's the way we get by

we go out in stormy weather
we rarely practice discern
we make love to some weird sin
we seek out the taciturn

that's the way we get by

we found a new kind of dance in a magazine
tried it out it's like nothing you ever seen
you sweet talk like a cop and you know it
you bought a new bag of pot, said let's make a new start

and that's the way to my heart
that's the way we get by

we get high in back seats of cars
we put faith in our concerns
fall in love to down on the street
we believe in the sum of ourselves

i said that's the way we get by


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Comentarios ( 2 ):

30 Jul 2007 Anonimo
love it!!!!!!!!!!! razz biggrin Smile
30 Jul 2007 Anonimo
Sad really bad!!!! Shock
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