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Letra de Leg of Lamb de Queens of the Stone Age

Escrito por JoacoP
Jueves, 15 Marzo 2007


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Youre a head case with a smile
Cant stop to make up your mind
Education is so lame (so lame)
When you bitch and you moan
Youre a loose girl, Im a guy (hey)
Youre a truth freak with a lie
The situation is so strange
Its a tv show

In a hotel on the phone
Youre gonna leave me, should have known
And I was thinkin, its so sad
I didnt want you to go
Dont wanna follow the laws of man
Bloody apron, leg of lamb
Its so hard to win
When theres so much to lose

Infiltrate the walls that are caving in
It aint a bad thing
This aint reality
Infiltrate the walls that are caving in
It aint a bad thing
Because it is natural

Second Avenue, raising Cain
Im a sinner, ring my bell (hey man)
Ill tell you what, I get up
If I knew I fell


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