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Letra de Essex Dogs de Blur

Escrito por rguntin
Jueves, 16 Noviembre 2006


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I remember thinking murder in the car

Watching dogs somersault through sprinklers on tiny lawns

I remember the graffiti

When are your children coming in with spray cans of paint

I remember the sunsets and the plains of cement

And the way the night just seemed to turn the colour of orangeade

In this town, cellular phones are hot with teens

In this town, we all go to terminal pubs

It helps us sweat out those angry bits of life

From this town, the English army grind their teeth into glass

You know you'll get a kicking tonight

The smell of puke and piss

The smell of puke and piss on your stilettos

Here comes that panic attack

My heart stops and then it starts

Give me a drink

I'll drink your round

I take you round the pole

It's cold up here I see the universe waiting by a minibus

You'll catch the flu or you'll catch the city

Either way, you'll catch the flu or you'll catch the city


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