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Letra de Love for All Seasons de Cristina Aguilera

Escrito por Javier
Martes, 28 Noviembre 2006


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Hey there boy did ya happen to know
Wherever you go Ill follow
Ooo babe youre like a cool breeze
On a summer day
When youre near me
I dont know what to do
I feel like a fool
Like a schoolgirl
True blue girl
Who wants to know
Can you come out and play
You make me feel the way a women is supposed to feel
Show you that my loves for real

Ill be the rain in your summer
The chill in your fall
Ill be whatcha want
Anything at all
Ive got a love for all seasons
A love for all time
Ill be the fire in your sinter
The sun in your spring
Ill do whatever you want
Give ya everything
Ive got a love for all seasons
A love for all time

Ill be there for you
Keepin you warm
Through the storm
Ill guide you
Stand by you until the stars fall from the sky
When you call me
I never hesitate
Makin you wait for my love
Never lie love
Its something I just cant deny
Ill read your each and every feelin
When you need me to
So now I gotta let you know
This loves for you

You dont have to search no more
Baby you dont have to dream
Cause what Ive got inside for you
Its all that youll ever need
You dont have to search no more
My heart is yours
For real for sure
You dont have to wonder why
Ill never leave
Ill never lie


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